Prove that ` |[1,a,a^3],[1,b,b^3],[1,c,c^3]|=(a-b)(b-c)(c-a)(a+b+c)`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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this question we have to prove that this determined that is given here 111 ABC then a cube b cube and cq we are having had to prove it is equal to a minus b minus C C minus A X + b + c ok so what will do let me that this determined first it is given 111 ok ABC and then cube of every variable A cube B cube plus c cube ok we can delete all this ok but that will not be a good option because since we are having some properties shirts use those properties here to get the answer comfortably ok 111 so if I'll make it 1008 will be much more easier to calculate OK so how we can make this this is Rowan Row 2 and 3 ok robot Rote Rote so En Route to a file selected Row 2 elements with Rowan and similarly in root 3 he was selected row three elements with

Rohan let's see what will get this will be determined ok first will be sem 1 a and 1 you ok then next R2 - are one that will even mention 0 ok be marriage and b cube minus 1 you ok r30 that is root 3 LED TV 28 - 78/10 A2 - 1 you like this ok no look hearing BQ -1 you ok let me hear that this week you -1 you and C cube minus b cube ok let me right 8bq -1 you wear this can be written as B minus A ke dis whole X square + a square + b formula and likewise I can break this Seema se Ok what will do now let's 1 b minus a common from root to ok and then C minus a comment from Row 3

OK what is left Rowan will be as it is 1 a 1 you here I'll get zero one because a b minus 8 1 in common and place of BQ mistake you this have taken commerce what is left b square + a square + A B like this ok similarly from Rotary it will be zero this I've taken commerce -1 and c square + a square + AC knowledge is all this it will be now easier if I take - format will be a man is me and here we are you say no I will solve this treatment but will get a ok one so no need of writing because it will be same ok so 1 multiplayer b c square + a square + AC we know how to solve determinant then - of this variable that is B square minus A square minus ab ok no other values will be zero because here if film

the values with 000 will get zero ok so no need of writing for other I'll get - of a man is b-ok.ce - A and hear what is left you can see plus of a square minus office kar will get cancelled Sohail I can write C square + a minus b square minus ab ok let's write this further - of a minus b and this will be Seema Ne Se ok Nau I looked carefully we are having minus b square + c square building - common schedule B square minus C square ok and -1 and so this will be written as B minus C like this ok now but I can take I can take b - 3 comments on these two values ok if you want this is a b minus b square minus C square so it will be b + c and B minus C ok flats at minus of a minus b c minus A and hear what I said I'll take B minus C comma so this will be OK - is left ok and from here it will

B plus l 100 - of V and -80 because here I am having - outside the bracket ok so this will be a man is be ok then B minus C and then C minus a Indian all or minus and also I am having a minus outside so this can be written as a + b + c ok this is what we need to prove a look a minus b minus C C minus a + b + c ok so this is what we need to prove in the question

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