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Class 9






Chapterwise Revision (Stage 3)


Prove that : <br> <br> (1)/(...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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we are given here to prove that log 1 upon 1 upon log ABC base A + 1 upon log ABC base b + 1 upon log ABC is equal to 1 so we just take care the left hand side and it is given as one upon log ABC base A + 1 upon log ABC base + 1 upon log ABC and we know that one of the log property that is log absb can be written as one upon log bebase a so we will use this property to inverse this so if we apply this property so it will come to the numerator right so using this property we can write this

log e base a b c plus log bhi base ABC + log cbase ABC Now since their base is same so we can use hair product rule that is log ab can be written as log A + log be right so we will use this property to write this so it will become log ABC ABC so it is log ABC is equal to 1 so we can write this as one so we see here that left hand side is equal to right hand side and is equal to 1 so has proved right thank you Jesus thank you for watching this video

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