Class 11






Trigonometric Ratios Of Multiple And Submultiple Angles


Prove that: 1+cos^2 2theta=2(c...

Prove that: `1+cos^2 2theta=2(cos^4theta+sin^4theta)`


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suheldev to prove that is left hand side equal to right hand side ok so left inside is equals to so one can be written as sin square theta + cos square theta ok and as you know that cos 2 theta can be written as cos square theta minus sin square theta ok so will be substituting this 36 becomes cos theta that is cos squared theta minus sin square theta to the whole square ok as you know that since this is one if I write one square 1 is equals to 1 square the meaning will be same ok so if I write if they also square this this will be equal to 1 square ok so that was also equal to 1 ok so square

this applying the formula of a plus b the whole square will be getting a square that is sin to the power 4 theta + cos to the power 4 theta + 2 sin square theta into cos square theta ok similarly a minus b to the whole square identity is applied so this will be caused to the power 4 theta + sin to the power 4 Theta - 2 cos square theta sin square theta Sohail disturb gets cancelled out and distance get added ok so this time get added to form two times a sin to the power 4 theta + 2 x of posterior power 4 theta taking common to from there we will get you into the power 4 theta + cos to the power 4

which is equals to RHS hence proved