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Prove that =|1 1 1a b c b c+a^...

Prove that =|1 1 1a b c b c+a^2a c+b^2a b+c^2|=2(a-b)(b-c)(c-a)



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Updated On: 2-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello thoda today question is have to prove that ok bye have to prove that that determinant is equal to 2 into a minus b minus minus ok so sure to prove the electricity call to write answer ok student so first of all I am going to take the determinant value here Delta equal to 111 ok and their Undertaker the third row is BC + a square + b square + c square ok I am going to I am going to separate this one ok in a simplified form ok
01:00 - 01:591 A and B C 1 ton AC and one and a b whole plus the same square company ok so 111 this one is this and it is a square and square and Square so this is the two deltas De ok me if you multiply this one we get this Delta ok so I take a this is as the war and diseases due to Delta 100 tattoo ok so I am going to take data on here Delta w so I multiplying multiplying with this so
02:00 - 02:59worn by ABC is come outside and taken outside yah bhi and multiply a square ok bye because I am going to do some operation column 1 into and column to INR to be and column 3 into c h i am going to do this operation so this is a square and it will became a into b b into b b square and C into c c square ok so here is a into b is equal to ABC ABC ABC will get like this ok students so this is now we get so once again do some operation here ok
03:00 - 03:59so I am taking this ABC outside so ABC ABC ABC kab a cities and 2nd row a square b square and square is come and cities and theatre rem taking ABC to outside so 111 we will get ok if so then I am doing some operation here change interstellar micro R1 R2 R3 I am changing bro and then Arturo is more to otteri ok students if I did like this cancel and then are one goes to artery right so are one goes to artery so that reach the final Sudha data will be Delta will be like this
04:00 - 04:59so 111 online Delta is equal to de to write so distant I is equal to de to therefore Dekho Delta equal to 2 into 2 into it because if it is said the Delta 22 x is equal to the original Delta right no 111 and n a b c and then a square b square is Koi ok students have you get it because this is deer D so this is d Subah solving this
05:00 - 05:59we will get De to so this is due to the society to so 2D to equal to Delta so this is what I told here that meet Delta equal to 2 into De to this is what I return here so here I am doing some operation C2 vs C3 - 1 and 3 - ok if we did like this Delta will became Delta will became on the first first column come as it is OK one a square and the second column will became C2 C3 - 1 ok 1 minus 10 ok same B minus
06:00 - 06:59b square minus b minus and minus A square ok student hai wrong writing here and third column is C3 - 31 so Seema 11 - 10 and C minus is equal to C minus x square minus b square c square minus is this is the Delta wicket Subah solving this one ok bye solving this one I am get to into a minus 3 B minus C and C minus ok students that Dekho Delta 2 into a minus b minus C minus root in this question the given that it is all this one we will get the right asset that
07:00 - 07:59Dekho left side equal to right time thank you

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