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Prove by vector method, that in a right-angled triangle ABC, AB^(2) + AC^(2) = BC^(2), the angle A being right angled. Also prove that mid-point of the hypotenuse is equidistant from vertex.



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Updated On: 21-5-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello this question is given that book by vector method that in a right angled triangle ABC a b square + c square it is equal to 20 square OK then and we have to prove by vector method only ok and the angle abc right angled at a angle is at angle ok so let's do this part only let me know the figure shows the triangle ABC is right angled at angle we can see here ok so we need to prove that this ok this is equal to this by using vector method ok so let's do this using vector method so this will be a bit and this will be seen and this will be a c ok so we know that resultant of two vectors a and b vector + b vector it will be equal to what it will be equal to AC at the ok AC result and support so it will be equal to some of these letters ok so from here my bc vector it will be equal to a secret manager at ok accepted this now add more to both the square and Square ok schedule III
01:00 - 01:59merritt BC and Square here so it will be similarly tennis this ok I've read more to both the side and Square ok so this will be sem b c square ok menu square it will be manual of AC square ok plus magnitude of Ab this will be square and mind -2 it will be easily and with every vector ok ok so you can see here I am having dot product of AC and ab ok this is a Savita this is a waiter and angle between the two batteries 98930 so this value whole will be zero ok so from here I will write a b c square many days it will be a sweater men attitude square + magnitude of Ab this is bacteria ok square and look at this is what we need to prove using metaweather Ok so here are done half part now let's come back to the questionnaire design also prove that the
02:00 - 02:59midpoint of happiness is equidistant from all the work this is ok suppose this point here this is why the this is the midpoint here and we have to prove that this is equidistant from all the points means it is equal distance from a point B B and C padon ke we need to put this solid side rear disc and ladies vitamin D is midpoint of which set of busy so I can write here but too busy its magnitude / to it will be equal to how much magnitude attitude of BD but it is also close to this sweater men need you now have looked in the figure will consider a triangle ABC and ADC ok send triangle ABC D what will be the resultant suppose this will be the reason I didn't hear this ad it will be returned in redmi held at this point the city but result today so it will be equal to sum of two other vector of the triangle ok let me at this point here what will be the two vectors a vector + b vector ok
03:00 - 03:59will be Kuchh to admit it is presented as a set no calculate angle ADC I am writing this part here ok look look in the figure etc ok so again mediplus DC water it will be equal to result in which is better hair ok and what will be the value of a better from here if you want to get the value of a better it will be Kuchh 288 - BD vector ok no look here AC water ok AC wet this is equal to 80 better plus this ok look here we have considered here looking DC battery is equals to b d m o i can write a debate on base of the sweater ok this is equal sunao Ravi wetter and wetter ok whether it be a better look in the figure the angle between them is 90 so that what will be equal to zero that's right here every vector.me
04:00 - 04:59AC battery will be Kuchh 20 ke now put the values a b vector is but it is a d minor SBI Demat ok and ac vent is a d place of BD ok Botal better so it will be equal to zero ok now look it look at this equation is a minus b and a + b both the better the same so image be a + b square minus b square minus b square minus b d made it so I can write it like that ok a square minus b square from here ready magnitude square it will be equal to BD better menu square ok aur but I can write here I can I get ready water Mein did it will be equal to BD Fatima attitude no it will be close to what is BD Baithe here it is equal to this event also made you should DC vitamin D2 and
05:00 - 05:59BDA DC address in Hindi video distance between B and d c is distance between C and all are equal this is what we need to prove that it is equidistant from what is thank you

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