Prove by the principle of mathematical induction that for all n in N ,3^(2n) when divided by 8 , the remainder is always 1.



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Updated On: 6-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59true by the principle of Mathematical Induction that for all natural number 3232 m28 leaves remainder 1 find a principle statement that is the of an ap of and we will be taking it as 3 to the power 2 and -1 -1 because in the question it is given that that the remainder is always one so we're holding statement life that this is always divisible by a now we will check for any equals to 1 so for for n = 21 letter check the 3 to the power 2 -1 this is equal to 9 - 1 which is equals to a 28 is divisible by 8 and this statement is true
01:00 - 01:59so true for loop or n = 21 now we assume that the statement is true for any equals to that is any number and equal to M so let a assume that ok n through so if your penis through what condition do we have that is 3 to the power to n minus 1 is equal to 8 ke or 8 Lambda so why this condition is true it will be a multiple of 8 as it is divisible by 8 now using the condition we need to prove that that the statement TM plus one is through so we need we need to
02:00 - 02:59prove that prove that P N + 1 + 1 is true So what will be the TN plus one statement so pm plus one statement will be 3 to the power 2 and + 2 - 1 statement can be for the returned as 9 into 3 to the power to 1m x 3 with power 22923 ^ 2 - 1 and will calculate the value of e to the power to and from this site that is 3 to the power to N is equals to 8 Lambda + 1 so when we substitute this value over here to the power to when will be 8 Lambda + 1 on solving this this is 72 Lander + 8
03:00 - 03:598 common what we get S9 Lambda + 1 prove that this is divisible by 8 because it is a multiple of 8 that is 8 x some number help it means that it is divisible by 8 so this means that P of N + 1 + 1 is true so help for this proof that are statement is true for all and and the complete the solution thank you for watching

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