Prove: 1cosA1+cosA=(cotAcosec A)2


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hello guys are question is we have to prove that 1 - cos a upon 1 + Cos A equal to COT A minus Cos theta whole square letter start with lhs lhs is 1 - cos a upon 1 + Cos A now will multiply and divide by 1 minus Cos A now 1 - cos a upon 1 + Cos A into 1 minus Cos A upon 1 minus Cos A now this will be
1 - cos a the whole square 1 - cos a the whole square upon nice we can see this is a + b into a minus b entity and we know a + b into a minus b square minus b square Swadesh will be one square minus cos square b square is 1 - cos squared now 1 - cos a the whole square upon now we know science query + cos square is one so from here science Kare will be 1 - cos query sono instead of 1 - cos Kare we can write science query now we can write this
as 1 - cos a upon sin a the whole square now which plate this will get one upon sin minus Cos A upon sin a dolls ko Ya Na Hui no one upon sin is cos and Cos A upon sin is Court so one upon sin we can write Kaushik and Cos A upon sin can write cot a minus cot theta the whole square now will take minus sign common here will get minus
cot A minus Cos A the whole square Now since it is square minus and minus will become + so cot A minus Cos the whole square which is equal to RHS have to group hands proofed thank you guys

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