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Class 12






Definite Integrals


Property 8: If f(x) is a conti...

Property 8: If f(x) is a continuous function defined on `[-a; a]` then `int_(-a) ^a f(x) dx = int_0 ^a {f(x) + f(-x)} dx`

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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question is integration -2 a f of X is equals to integration zero to a gift of 1 + belongs to minus 2 A and F X is continuous function we have to prove they relate to this I am going to use graphical method prove this property ok I am going to draw Wonderland I'm graph 200m graphic this ok and I am going to take this is equals to minus A and B is equals to a ok now I am going to consider this area

401102 aa22 integration and I am going to this consider this function graph of y is equals to F of X is equals to now this integration will be the algebraic sum of area we know that integration of any function between -82 ke is algebraic sum of B M limit is equals to A1 it now I am going to find RHS what we have to draw graph again

integration 02882 ok so this is going to be a to learn something that something area is this one and area is integration to a minus x OK when you take this integration inside this bracket and yet this back X with this and that will be written like this ok now I am going to draw graph of a form of mine you know that graph of x is this how to draw graph of A4 - 64 graph of A4 - 6 with take ok with

image of that graph in this part we come with both will be Mirror image MP become comedy this length was big and small that's why you can see this figure become a ok don't get confused with length big but taken by me but not this will become a area of this and area of this will be send ok and that area below will be able and put this area is red one is graph of Shape Of Mine

ok area between two a can be written as this one ok area between 0 to a and below this between -82 both will be sent because both graph is Mirror image in Y Industrial Area below this guide will also be a 12 this will become a fan and I am going to put this at this at this place will become a 2 + 7 and B and C is equals to architecture thank you student


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