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Position of point with respect...

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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is video mein Dekhenge ki position of point kya hota with respect to parabola y square is equal to 4 x 3 Hamara co-ordinate system parabola construct a square is equal to 4 x 12 bola hai is tarike se ho jaega theek hai this is y square is equal to 4 x Yahan per Ham Koi point Le Lete Hain To Yahan is point se hamare pass Ek line perpendicular drop Karte ki point ex 11.3 Q paper Bula counter circuit 100 comma xxy2 you lies on parabola Hue lights on parabola y square is equal to 4 x 4 satisfy Karega to Y2 square root of X equal equation of game

ab Hamen dekhna hai ki jo point happy vah barabula kya uth I like Karega inside yah on the parabola To Agar Ham Dekhe kis par depend karega ki pm distance Agar greater than q and that means a outside like Karega the camp Agar pm distance list in qml is come at a point P is inside a point P Ki Baat Karen with respect to parabola and pm is equal to q and this ka matlab on the parabola ko theek hai To Agar Ham idhar Dekhte hamare pass pm jo hai yah to kya hona chahie greater or less than or equal to Q hai theek hai To Agar main aapke Dekhte 2:00 p.m. square chuhe ko bhi great less than or equal to q and Square ka 2:00 p.m. square Y co-ordinate cakevilla that is why one square to why was created in less than or equal

Dubai to square off but why do square equal to 4 x 1m Yahan per aaega Y1 square greater or less or equal to 4 x 1 ke thik hai to Agaram Dekhe first case if it is greater than 4 x one that means by which square - 4 x is greater than zero iska matlab kya hua outside the parabola point S conditioner ka Y1 score is less than 4 x one that means Y1 square - 4 x is less than zero iska matlab inside likert theek hai third condition mean by Banswara is equal to 4 x 1 iska matlab on the parabola like theek hai re Humne dekh liya ki point koi bhi point chuhe with respect to y square is equal to 4 x the position Kya Hota To Agar is ka book point satisfy point ko substitute karne per Hamen greater than zero value milati hai to outside

parabola Agar latkan wali Mili To inside the parabola aur same value milati Hai To on the parabola Soi Humne is video mein dekha makes video mein Ham Dekhenge Ki Tarah Bole kab kya hota hai aur uska equation find Karenge


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