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Cartesian Systems Of Rectangular Coordinates - For Boards


Plot the points in a rectangul...

Plot the points in a rectangular coordinate system: `(-2, 7)`

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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students the question is plot the points in a rectangular co-ordinate system in the point is -27 ok so basically we need to plotted on the rectangular co-ordinate system so this is a rectangular co-ordinate system here we know this this is what this is why this is exactly this is negative x axis and this negative why we need to plot what we need to plot - 27 on this so we know that this is what this is the X co-ordinate and that too that is given - that needs X co-ordinate and on minus A minus 2 will be their rights to this is zero and this is -1 then this is -2 ok and we can see this is what this is a y co-ordinate and that two positive so why is positive on this line ok so 7 we have to plot on that this is 1 2 3 4 5 6 and 7 ok so this is

these are 1234567 now what will do if we will draw a line from the seven so this is a 7 Sofia drawing a straight line from here and similarly -2 we're going to extend the line ok so at the point where the spline cut each other then that cutting point will be what it will be - 27 let that point BP so we're getting this P plotted hair ok so this is the required answer thank you


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