Plot the points (2, 8), (7, 8) and (12, 8). Join these points in pairs. Do they lie on a line? what do you observe?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Halloween the question say that plot the points to comma 87 8 and 12 in these points in a do they lie on a line what do you so we will cost for plot this point and join a 20 points on a in a and we will check the do the Lion Lion point to comment and let se find b78 and it's a fine given as it can draw a petition to plan a graph paper some ideas and this is the condition under the x-axis and positive 1 year was the y-axis and origin ok my dear friend we have taken unit after stands for 3 and this is the on also 14 on why accident similarly so my dear sir

not a point to commit 8.28 life letter from we will start from origin CEO on along x axis label move in and to end to end and along y axis in ok and next point 7 comet Alone This is shows the expert in this is a recording so I love you move from origin 77 with Live between 6 and 8 and on y axis is it that means 77 command in NX 12 and so on remove from

along x-axis 12 and 12 minutes and on y-axis remove on 18 years have it now question is saying join these points in this is a you can see that Navin join this so you can see that my dear friend when we are going to the line in honour line so you can see that clearly they live in a line that mean the vi sem why Ordinance you can say that you are the points the have same by coordinates ok that mean

it can also find you can see that is a straight line so we can say that after bloating after floating point we observe that question what we what we will all the so we observed that all coins are having same ordinary ok so that latest y-coordinate ok

we can say that point line on the same line in the final answer this question think you

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