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Class 9






Coordinate Geometry


Plot the following points on a...

Plot the following points on a graph paper : `(3,4)` (ii) `-2,3)` `(-5,-2)` (iv) `(4,-3)`

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hello friends the question is we have to plot the following points on a graph paper first point is 34 second point is -2 kam 3 third point - 5 - 2 and the 4.4 - 3 ok first video the quiet access first we draw the co-ordinate Axes suppose this is our audit access ok now our first point is our first point is 34 ok this is our access this is our taxes and this is our y-axis this is positive success is positive or negative and this is negative actresses ok now we have two three four in this text is positive and why is positive in the first quadrant access positive and wise positive soaked the first point 3

coma 4 comes out to live here ok now second part is -2 kam 3-axis negative and positive in the second quarter and access negative advice for switch comes out to be -23 in the second wallet ok thermometer is minus 5 minus to both X and Y is negative this is the third quarter so this is a minus 5 minus 2 ok and The Fourth point is 4 - 3 this is Axis positive and wise negativism in the fourth quarter and access positive and negative 4 - 3 comes out to be here 4 - 34 - 3 ok this is our first point This is our second point This is our third point and this is our 4th point tank


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