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Class 8






Introduction To Graphs


Plot the following points and ...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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and if they live in the same graph paper with Platinum at distance of at the x-axis and let me number the elements of nails points on the by the first set of points given

to us are the point on the graph paper 2012 that means zero and Y is equal to that mean this point 0 0 0 0

six talking now we can make it to the point is equal to x is equal to equal to X and Y is equal to 3.5 2.5 3.5

is nothing that why 311 commentary post doubt it becomes equal to 1 find out Y1

which is the deep as well as the

y-coordinate is nothing that place that we Y is always equal to 1 then x is equal to 3

letters in this line Kittu ismein exit Pol 23 which shall be advised to these two line at the point that point

53 x is equal to and find me to find out 62 where x is equal to and Y is equal to these meet over here I can which can be named as

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