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(p ^^ ~ q)vv q is logical equi...

`(p ^^ ~ q)vv q` is logical equivalent to (a) `p vv q` (b) `~P` (c) `p` (d) `~q`


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today's present where to find the logical equivalent of PN negation Q are ok let's get into the solution ok let construct the table you have here we have few here ok true false true false true true Pulse Pulse ok in the question when you don't a navigation cube ok so but in the options we also need navigation P also have to check so let's do this navigation p and navigation ok ever get false true false true ok that false false true true calculate PN

navigation ok so PN navigation key to true and false with yours false false and false gives Falls through and through which is true false and true or false calculate and navigation kyu ok are you ok so now I have to consider these two now true or false which gives true true or false with his true false or true with your true false false with you ok now I have to find the equivalent of this in the given options ok now the given options are prq ok already have navigation P here already have been here already have navigation Kyon here ok so now only calculate only how to calculate PR

PR through water true or false true true true or false true false false false so have true true true false ok now let's see that sing the first option prq are also have true true true false so option one is a correct option now let's 1 option 2 option to which is navigation p-tsoh this is not is equals to this so option we cannot be the answer candlestick p p also not equal into this one so this is also not the correct option and navigation Q is not equal to this option is the correct answer thank you for watching the video