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Comparing Quantities


Out of 25 children in a class,...

Out of 25 children in a class, 15 are girls. What is the percentage of girls?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Out of `25` children, there are `15` girls.<br>Therefore, percentage of girls `= 15/25 xx100 = 60`. There are `60%` girls in the class.


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hi student it is given that out of 25 children in a class 15 August what is the percentage of girls total students In a class total students or total children in the class is 25 out of which girls are girls r15v have to calculate the percentage of girls so firstly the fraction of girls find the fraction of the girls to girls R15 over total number of students that are 25 years of fraction of girls to total number of students will be the common factor of 15 and 25 is 505 into 3 15 5 into 5 is 25 fraction for girls are the fraction for girls is 3 by 5 now the percentage of girls will be equal to 3 by 5 x

hundred to calculate the percentage we have to multiply the fraction by 102 3 by 5 in 205 into one is 55 and 22 is 10 and 20 into three is 62 60% are girls in the class that