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Class 11






Permutations And Combinations


Out of 10 consonants and 4 vow...

Out of 10 consonants and 4 vowels, how many words can be formed each containing 3 consonants and 2 vowels?

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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in the circuit given that out of 10 consonants and 4 vowels how many words can be formed each containing 35 we have to call but having containing five letter in which we have two to three continents out of 10 and 2 now know that in when we have to 2 then we apply the combine to form the word out of 10 in how many ways we can do for in 10 33 days weekend and at the same time they have to chew it out of the house in how many days we can do so this whole thing to

right now did are the ways in which we can to the oval and continent but in that after that in 5 places there will be also permitted arrangement will also take place right out of bye-bye these ways we can in the letter of arrangement the arrangement of Let it will also be there right outer three component and to we'll have to but at this place we can do any of the fight letter for this place we have 5 sizes and for this place we have for because but we have to the air I cannot to their

so the letter and what will we do the how can we arrange the letter by a 5 factorial hair we have five option to put option we have three and here here and here we have this one out what can do it will be aware of choosing the lead but all arrangements will also take place at 5 factorial ways we can arrange those letter so this will be the total number of what we can found Sona letter calculate they do not a n t r is given by n factorial factorial into n minor Arc identity return calculator

at pressure this will be 10 factorial 3 factorial 10 - 3 and 4 tutorial tutorial for minus 2 is to factorial and is my find factorial of this is equal to 10 into 9 into a in 7 factorial divided by this 3 factorial in 27 and into 5.7 tutorial with this and this 334 can cancel way there and it will get cancel my now we are left turn

into 9 into a and 5 factorial in input to calculate the value decision tree calculate this 840 the required number of which we thank you


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