One angle of an isosceles triangle is 120^0 and the radius of its incircle is sqrt(3)dot Then the area of the triangle in sq. units is <br> (a) 7+12sqrt(3) (b) 12-7sqrt(3) (c) 12+7sqrt(3) (d) 4pi



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Updated On: 24-3-2021

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Let `x` are the two equal sides of the isoceles triangle and `a` is the third side.<br> One of the angle given is `120^@`, so the remaining two equal angles will be `30^@`.<br> So, from sine law,<br> `x/(sin30^@) = x/(sin30^@) = a/(sin120^@)`<br> `=>a = xsqrt3`<br> Now, `Delta = 1/2*x*x*sin120^@ = sqrt3/4x^2`<br> Inradius,`r = Delta/s = (sqrt3/4x^2)/((a+2x)/2)`<br> `=>sqrt3 = (sqrt3x^2)/(2(xsqrt3+2x))`<br> `=>x = 2(2+sqrt3)`<br> `:. Delta = sqrt3/4x^2 = sqrt3/4(2(2+sqrt3))^2 = 7sqrt3+12` sq units<br> `:.` Area of the traingle will be `7sqrt3+12` sq units.<br>



00:00 - 00:5910 question 1 angle of an isosceles triangle is 120 degree it is given in the radius of a circle is root 3 then the area of the triangle in square remix to find so let's find out it is an isosceles triangle two sides will be equal at B2 = 5 will be there incircle radius right a root 3 + root 3 no one angle is 120 degrees given then other two angle will be equal to so
01:00 - 01:59this is equal to 3rd i5 draw triangle over hair HD Triangle the market as we have considered as a third side of this site and the site will be equal to that makes angle angle c equal angle will be 120 degrees with what will be the other other angle 30 degree and 30 degrees from sine rule Appen sign app is equal to b upon sin b open science South Africa tour value of
02:00 - 02:59sin 120 degree Vivah two similar types of we can take as X equal sides and find the value of sin 30 degree equal to X upon sin 30 degree Elite 120 degree that a root 3 by 2 Samsung 30 degrees one by two the value of pencil is equals to root 3 x FIITJEE question 1 will you get later Marathi area of the triangle one by two other side and decided to find angle
03:00 - 03:59baby ko Sardi Hamare D mentioned x and x square sin 120 degree mutton is root 3 by 4 x square Putlibai To Sare ok bye have area of triangle root 3 by 4 question 2 Navin no incircle radius is given as is equals to s h a m given value A 3 by 4 x square SS given that sum of all the sides divide by 2 one side is a and other two sides are X + 2 x
04:00 - 04:59again window is given as 23 AC from equation one week and that it has 2 + root 3 2 x 2 solve this rs232 in this week and write it has 2 3 upon 2 into 2 plus 2 3 that will be the value of 3x and are given as root 3 itself how we can say it is rooted in the starting in circle through three so root 3 and root 3 will be cancelled so what is the value of x 2 + root Na Ho Gai Nahin to find
05:00 - 05:59the area what is the equation 2 root 3 is equal to calculate the area of the triangle is Putlibai aur Square X into 2 + root 3 whole square s k minute 44231 will be for class 3 7 + 4 root 3 on vacancy 7 root 3 + 12 set kara option 7 plus chalo theek hai thank you

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