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Class 12






Binary Operations


On the set Q of all rational n...

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hello everyone apni pichhali video mein Ham Logon Ne Dekha ke binary operations kya hote hain aur aaj Ham is Sawal ko Karenge on the set Kyon of four rational numbers and operation star is Defined by a star b is equal to 1 + a we show that star is a binary operation ham log ko Yahan per binary operation Hamara aur Hamare set given to ham log ko Yahan per star ko binary operation dikhana Chaliye binary operation ke bare mein thoda remind kara deta hun Ham aapko Bani Re operation operation Hote Hain Jo Kisi set ke sath closure property call Karen to let me right closure property closure property closure property kya hoti agar hamare pass koi ek non empty set Hai To yah operation be belongs to a for all

we belong to any ki agar koi given set Hai Uske Koi do element Nahin Jana lineman ko aur unke bich Mein Koi given operation Karenge vah Hamara Yahan operation operation karane Agar Jo output Hai Mera h m a belong Karta Hai To Ham bolenge ki vah operation is set ke sath closure property Khol kar raha hai mera jo Pareshan Ho binary operation is Sawal main is wall Mein Hamara side given sad Hai vah Kyon Kyon Mara given set hai aur operation star define Kiya Gaya Star ko kaise decorate kiya kya ki Easter b is equal to 1 + Chale dekhte hain ab Ham rational numbers ke Koi limit Lenge late let A and B belongs to which number Main Koi do rational numbers le liya ab Ham unke bich Mein operation Karenge East bhi yah operation Hamara Kaise define

oneplus ABC oneplus AB Ham Jante Hain Ki multiple of two rational numbers is a rational number and addition of two rational number one is a rational number and addition of two rational number is also a rational numbers to this element this element will belong to you isliye Hamara Jo given star Hai vah binary operation hai ab apni Agali video mein ham log yah janenge ki koi given set hai agar Aaye To Ham log use per add maximum kitne binary operation define kar sakte hain aur kitne binary operation possible ho sakte hain use set paper


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