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Obtain the equation of the ell...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : `7x^(2)+2xy+7y^(2)+10x-10y+7=0`

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-1 and corresponding directly 302 city like this for which the centre for which the focus is defined as -1 for this like this for which the minus x minus y + 3 is equal to the simplicity of this given how to know about this entity that it is pointless if

the given focus and because of this directly from this point the distance of distance of point from a fixed point which is focused and from a fixed line PF upon to find out about the condition for this locus to be done is equal to question applying this condition we can find out the locus of this point the supplied

at first finding out the distance free essay eps10 - 1 + 1 whole square ka whole square + 2 December ke square + 1 - 2 k i will get a square + b square + 2 x minus 2 Y + 2 is the value of the length of perpendicular to this point P ok

can be simply given as the length of perpendicular the formula for length of perpendicular is this this put this point on this patient first state x minus 1 + 3 x minus 2 Y - 120 simply 18 -19 like this and I like this and this finding out the length of perpendicular from point

to point out of this problem Nokia supplies condition is equal to the PF B equal to half a PF account PF is a square + b square

- 2 k + 2 - 2 k + 3 + 2 x minus 2 root 2 both Evil Dead 2 square - 4 x square - 2 k + 2 equal to have a plus three whole square upon this route to the simplified

size 8 x square - 2 k + 2 question history in field of interest racket in will have his speed + b + C whole square + b square + 3 + 2 + 2 x 2 - 3 - 2 going to be used to into minus into minus 6 into AC into three plus 6 h on multiplying a 3 sides will have a tech square + b square + 16 x minus 16 + 60 x square + b square + 6 x

minus 60 - 2 + 9 taking all the time in the election site you will have and and it will have 8 x square minus A square minus b square 60 - 6 X + 3 + 60 - 2016 and we can say this will be coming process in tech disturb this site is replaced by

X and Y respectively to get the final equation of ellipse s w a y square + 10 Y + 2 Y + location thank you

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