Class 11






Conic Sections


O P Q R is a square and M ,N a...

`O P Q R` is a square and `M ,N` are the midpoints of the sides `P Q` and `Q R` , respectively. If the ratio of the area of the square to that of triangle `O M N` is `lambda:6,` then `lambda/4` is equal to 2 (b) 4 (c) 2 (d) 16


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ECE question mein kya Diya O P Q R S square to yahan se Humne O P Q R square Jankari Aaj origin high point Maria Mein a comma jio Kyon point point my jio come I M and n are midpoints there a way to iska coordinates ho jaega Aur Pyaar Ho gaya222 that of the triangle poem in the area of a square kya ho jaega area of a square of side ab secondary dekhne ki kya area of triangle pqr area of triangle pqr Dhyan se dekh sakte hain mein teenon point Pata Hai To area of triangle Kaise nikalenge half into Jiyo Jiyo 12121

INR to won a square minus A square by 4 area of area of triangle pqr to half into 3 by 4 86 area of triangle Kiya Gaya three years by kya poochha hai Rasiya Puche To Kya Hoga area of square area of triangle triangle lmn dekh Sakte uska Kitna aaya tha aur yah Kitna gaye the answer kya poochh agenda is 24 and 26 26 Mai ko convert Karenge to yah kya equal to Ahmedabad Shikshamitra

predict a kaun sa option correct ho jaega option dikhaiye