Updated on:26/04/2023

Number of triangles that can be formed by joining the 10 non-collinear points on a plane is


लिखित उत्तर

a) 136
b) 140
c) 128
d) 120
The correct Answer is D


hello everyone let's start with the question the questions in vat number of triangles that can be formed by joining 10 non collinear points on a plane is option A 136 option B 140 option C 128 auchandi 1.2 first let's write what given they've given us that total number of point is equal to 10 total 10 points and we know that number of points in a triangle is equal to 3 all of these points within any point write a formula of NCR equal to
10 - are factorial into effect of the formula for combination of this is this formula were you when we have to select from a number of items based on this week and write the number of triangle is equal to know number of friends will be 10333 point from 10.10.10 in 29928 upon the factorial will be into two equal to 10 into 3 into 3 and 2
128 the options we can see option B 120 is the correct now we can write the fact that the correct option is option d 120 thank you


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