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Class 6






Ratio And Proportion


Number of boys in a school are...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : `25:13`

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hello everyone cushion seat number of boys in a school are 360 and the rest are girls if the total strength on the school is 70 find the ratio of this out there for a given you will find the ratio of each pass ok so here are given information is that number of a given number of wife 360 total train services given 750 talking about the number of girls number of girl can we calculate total resistance 750 and number of wire 360 restaurant survival subtract number of voice services

equal to zero and 15 - 6 9333 39390 are so now we will taken out the first part is asking then ratio ratio of the number of boys to the number of month sir ratio of number of boys number of voice which is given as the 16 to the number of a number of Valsad 390 now we will simplify this is 10 will be cancelled 36 upon 39 against cancer late 13 31 32 and 33 30 2013 in ratio all vacancy at 2013 first ratio of their part in B ED question of skin

bus number of Voice number of hair you can see that you will find the ratio of number of girls 3390 and number of boys 16108 all 3936 so this is cancelled with 33 33 33 33 33 and also cancelled out with 33332 13.12 is the race for we can say that 13 let me just follow the path now you will find out the sea part ratio is asking the number of boys to all students in the school number of wise number of boys are 360 and number of tetanus total question ask me also in the school

753 6750 7036 upon 75 now we just also cancelled out with 30 31 32 and 33 5 12.25 all we can say that 1225 in departmental is asking all students in the school to the number of girls All students in the school 8752 the number of 1 number of 390 10 will be cancelled out in both attended M 75 139 33525 so here 35

3261 carry 15 3515 ok yes so this is the 25 and upon 3173 3025 11325 is 213 so this is the final answer this question in queue


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