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Number line and Its importance...

Number line and Its importance


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please video mein Ham jaane ke number line ke bare mein number line and its importance ki was Jaruri Kyon Hai first of all we are going to start with number line definition simple definition of a number line is a picture representation of real numbers the important thing is it is a picture representation of real numbers we are clarifying that there are real numbers evenly laid out on a straight line is second important thing is there evenly laid out on a straight line there is a straight line on which we represent numbers it looks like this so this is how a number line looks like here the numbers are evenly distributed on this line platform first of all we are going to break the definition hair with his real numbers so

what are the real numbers let's go through it again real numbers it is everything that we know of till now it can be natural number it can be natural number whole number can also be whole number it can be integers or it can be rational or irrational numbers rational or irrational numbers all of them commander real numbers natural numbers are there from 1 to infinity right when it comes to natural number whose number it comes to zero to infinity write in teachers minus infinity to infinity minus 1 -2 all the integers when we talk about rational numbers than

6.2 4.87 all the rational numbers OK when we talk about these are rational right when we talk about irrational then we are including numbers kind root 3 22 by 7 which is by actually all season irrational numbers because they don't have to stop here we have a decimal stop after 7 years only zero heavy don't have a stop it just goes on at least these are irrational numbers all of these come under real numbers all the real numbers can be represented on a number line the most important thing here is that in the middle in the middle it always start with 0 this is one of the main points of number line ki bich Mein Hamesha

40 se shuru Hoga another point about the number line ki number line Hamesha Infinity Kyon Jara hota hai this Arrow hair represents Infinity matlab ki number line ka koi and Nahin Hota just like real number numbers have no close ho Infinity minus infinity Se Lekar ke plus Infinity ki or Bina Ruke Jaate Rahte Hain Is Tarah Se Hamara number line pura real number system Dinon kar sakta hai from here we can clearly see that ki number line Hamare liye Kitna jaruri hai because it comprises from minus infinity 2 + Infinity jitne bhi number possible hai all the real numbers are covered Soya Hamare liye important Kyon Hai important as it covers all the possible real numbers jitne bhi possible real number send vah answer Prakar kar Leta HD song from minus infinity to infinity

operations are easy on number line Jo operations with a mathematical automatic number line per thoda Aasan Ho Jaate Hain representation of variety possible Jo Itni sari Bharathiyar real number ki Kuchh natural number hote hain Kuchh integers hote hain Kuchh rational hote hain Kuchh irrational hote hain All of these are yaar possible to be represented on number line Is Tarah Se number line Hamare liye is chapter mein bahut important chij hai Ham Kai Sare question number line per isliye call kar sakte hain Jo game otherwise celebration se Mushkil Payenge to discuss number line once again Ham yah dekh lete hain clearly ki Hamen number and banana Kis Tarah hota hai yah straight line khinchne hoti hai main Jiska ki donon per arrows Bane hote hain because it knows no end a bilkul minus infinity Tak jata hai aur yah personality Tak Jata Hai important

Baat Hamen rakhne ki jo middle Hai usmein Hamesha zero se shuruaat Hogi per right side ko right mein Sare positive number per Jaenge aur jo left side hai yahan per Sare Neta number per Jaenge Ham equal segment may define kar dete Hain usko equal segment Mein distance distance hai jo yah distance hai jo yah distance Hai Sab equal Hoti Hai same for Hai jabki number line par jitne bhi segments banaa them was equal Hote Hain all these are equal yah bhi yah bhi Sabhi Kaun Hai Ab Yahan per Hamen pata hai ki jismein ko positively jaise ki Mang lete yah plus one ho gaya yah plus two Ho Gaya yah Hamara plus 3 Ho Gaya yah plus 4 Ho Gaya Hamara plus 5 Ho Gaya similarly Yahan per -1 -2 -3 or minus 4 ek

baat notice Karen Yahan per To Hamara order bilkul badal raha hai agar right Ki Tarah padhte Hain To Ham numbers may increase kar rahe hain lead acetate + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 left Kidhar Jaate Hain To yah decreasing constantly CM difference is Yahan per segment Hamara Ek Tum Ek Aisa Ghar De Ja Re Ghanti ja rahe the ek hi Sath badhte Ja Rahe Hain To let Kyon negative Hamare aur right kar positive yah basic representation Hamare number line ka ab Agali video mein a variety of number ka representation Dekhenge number line per