Neha types 75 pages in 14 hours. How many pages will she type in 20 hours?


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hello today question is Neha type 75 a reason for 3 hours how many pages will feat typing 20 hours left of this question show 14 hour in 14 hour for 3 h Neha type 75 pages in one hour it will be 75 by 14 pages now in 20 hours checking in 20 hours it will be 75 by 40 x 20 which will be it will be 25 by 20 X
x 25 by 75 x 25 40 which will be sentence from to and sentence from this is 750 by 7 which can also be written as can also be written as 107 + 1 by 72 if we see this is near type 107 pages and one page to be exact if you need to tell to be exact how many pages for 2107 pages like this is the solution thank you I hope you understand the solution

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