Multiply : <br> abx, -3a^(2)x and 7b^(2)x^(3)



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Updated On: 13-5-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello everyone so the question is multiply a v ac into minus 3 x square x and 7b Square x cube so in this question it is given that AB X into minus 3 is square x into 7 b square x cube + X is bottom and the results can be multiplied with this so from here we will get there is no constant is 3 and here is a sign that it is positive phase - 2 + - will be -3 after that there is a and his a square that is into a square 1 cube after that this be there is no way in the stumps Sobi will be written as it is now we have X into x square x Into X will be equal to
01:00 - 01:59x square after that we are left with another time now it will be multiplied with this that is 7 b square x cube now first - and this is positive - + - now we are constantly here we are seven 7321 now we have term of a there is no 101 you will be as it is now we have B and his b square so been to be square will be que now we have x squared x raise to the power x square into X raise to the power 3 will raise to the power 5 7 b square XUV will get -21 a cube b cube x raise to the power 5 lover answer thank you so much everyone

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