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Minor and major sector...

Minor and major sector


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is video mein padenge parts of a circle sabse pahle sugar major and minor sector ke sath ki definition Ke Sath Ho Gaye the definition of the circle and closed between to read I then an Arc of the circle is called in sector Humra delete koi bhi mere pass do red hai a gaye and can be either a p b which form the minor sector in or it could be a cube it will form the major sector abhi happy APB is the minor Arc while a cube is the measure BP Bhi Kya Hai minor Arc why a cube is the major Arc

Jab Bhi Surfers 2 section Mein divide vah Re vah bhi Ke Karan to isase do a q&a for 1 cubic length apv Se Jyada hi a cube is the major Arc while a p b is the minor Arc similarly Jadu section divide usmein Jo sakta koi vah bhi and apv ke sath enclosed Hai vah Hamen minor sector Ho Gaya in 2 sector vah bhi and cube Ke Sath Mere Se Kya Ho Gaya Kyunki the latter occupies a major section major section of the area total area of the circle the smaller angle abe abe the smaller one which is equal to theta minus sector ka

angle of the sector so candle of the minus theta and angle of the major sector angle of the major sector sector 360 - theta ab sector ko define karna Agar Hamen Koi sector specify karne to Koi 3 point Lene se Hamara Kam Nahin Hoga Jaise 3 highlighted point Ho be hit no point sector ke liye common chautha point include karna padta hai main sakta ke liye 3 in major sector ke liye Kyon to main sakta Gogamedi note karna hai To Ham Karenge vah TV by the major sector can be denoted as Ho a cube in Jab Bhi Ham Agar Kuchh Bhi specify nahin kar rahe Ki Main sakta hai mere sakta hun sirf kar sakta likh rahe To Ham use sector

main Karte Hain next video mein Hamen Jo Milaya hai jo Humne colour kiya hai use area ko nikalna Kaise area of the sector padegi