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Mention the three functions of spinal cord.



hello students the question here talks about the functions of the spinal cord when we talk about the functions of the spinal cord I mean to see that there are basically the part of the central nervous systems of any central nervous system that means is the nervous system which is distributed along the main axis of a body while one part of this is the brain the other part is called as a spinal cord spinal cord is an organ which is a thin long bundle of neurones tissue and the support cells also and it is connected to the brain and located along the back of the neck and protected by the vertebral column to some of the important functions are taken up by this organ the first function here is the electrochemical communication Bali talk about the electrochemical communication so it means that the find the cord is involved in transferring of the electric current is travel up and down the spinal cord and
Arsenal sending signals which allows different segments of the body to communicate with the brain so that means all the signals from the brain they come on to the spinal cord and then their character the different segments of the body right this is one of the functions of the spinal cord while talking about the second function which is a very important function again as a protective mechanism of the body which is called as a reflex action examples of the reflex action of very simple example the more watering of the mouth when seeing a hot food or the smell of the food and it what is the mouth and then the second is withdrawal for finger on touching hot object to whenever hot object starts with the efferent neurones in the peripheral nerve they will get stimulated and then they will carry the signal to the spinal cord and as a protective mechanism the spinal cord will associated single and then send a motor signals back to the affected organ affected organ in this case is
the muscle the muscle will now undergo a muscle contraction thereby the singer is withdrawn as a protective mechanism to protect from the hot object not coming on to the third function which is the working while we see that walking is a very simple phenomenon but it consists of a coordinated movement of the contraction and relaxation for the leg while a person was Sir collection of muscle groups in the legs are constantly contracting and relaxing action of taking surpasses that it seems simple to ask but because we have been doing it all Airlines but there are actually a lot of factors that have to be coordinated together so that this action cannot properly to the central Pattern Generator in the spinal cord are made up of neurones which sends signals to the muscles in the likes and then makes it to contract and relax so here we mean to say that the coordination which is required for the contraction and relaxation of the muscles during the walking process is actually held by this particular
organ that is the spinal cord so these are the three important functions of the spinal cord this is all about this query thank you


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