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Comparing Quantities


Meenu bought two fans for Rs 1...

Meenu bought two fans for Rs 1200 each. She sold one at a loss of 5% and the other at a profit of 10%. Find the selling price of each. Also find out the total profit or loss.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : For the first fan,<br> C.P. `= "Rs". 1200` <br> Loss ` = 5%`<br> So, S.P. ` = 1200xx95/100 = "Rs". 1140` <br> For second fan, C.P. `= "Rs". 1200` <br> Profit ` = 10%`<br> So, S.P. ` = 1200xx110/100 = "Rs". 1320` <br> Cost price of both fans `= 1200+1200 = "Rs". 2400` <br> Selling price of both fans ` = 1140+1320 = "Rs". 2460` <br> So, Meenu`'`s total profit `= 2460-2400 = "Rs". 60` <br>


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hello bhai To Kuchh Nahin Mainu what to when you want to fans for rupees 1200 age she sold one at a loss of 5% and other at a profit of 10% find the selling price of each also find out total profit or loss so let us discuss first that mean you bought two fans for rupees 1200 so selling price and cost price is equal to 1200 she sold one at a loss of 5% so loss of 5% on cost price so 5% of 1200 is equal 200 cancel each other and you will get 60 so he got loss of rupees 60 so selling price of the first fan is equal to 12

100 - 68 is equal to 1140 now s s when is second one has a profit of 10% so cost price remains the same that is equal to 1200 and profit is equal to 10% so so 10 % to 10% of 1200 1200 x 1000 cancel each other and you will get 18 1 20 so he got a profit of rupees 120 so selling price is equal to 120 that is equal to 1320 so you know that the total cost price of the two fans total

price of 2 fan is equal to 2 X 1200 equal to 2400 and selling price of 12 pens is equal to 13 20 + 1140 that is equal to 06314 and 22460 so profit is equal to selling price MI cost price that is equal to 24 60 - 2400 equal to 60 so he got a he got a profit of rupees 60 on both the fence thank you

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