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Linear Programing


Mathematical Formulation of Li...

Mathematical Formulation of Linear programing problem(Example)


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in this video we sell discuss the formulation of linear programming problem so basically in this video we will discuss the how to convert a business problem to a mathematical form so the following algorithm will help you for the formulation of linear programming problems of the first point is in every linear programming problem certainly isn't to be made these decisions are represented by decision variables these variables are used for entity whose value are to be determined identify the variables and did not name xy suppose mere pass more than two very different variable Se To Main unko X1 X2 X3 up to number of variables itne bhi hai jitne bhi mere pass very 100 1st B main Hamen Keval ki decision variables find Karne hain aur unko delete kar dena action y

2 Se Jyada hi 2-123 generally to hi hote hain Tumko xy se represent kar denge second point kya hai ki identify the objective function and Express it as a linear of the variable into two sim step 12 main jo bhi step 1 mein variable introduce Ki Hai unko Mujhe linear objective function ke form Mein represent kar dena hai jo Mera objective function Ho Jayega support mere pass do decision variable se chair and table Tumko main Vinod Kaise Karunga let X Vida number of chair and why were the

number of tables ho jaega denote Karne Ka Tarika vah bhi Hamen support mere pass accident hua hai to main pahle Main Road Kar Diya Hai To Mere bus Yahan per objective function kis type se Hoga suppose a x + b y yah mere pass objective function Nahin per Main Kya Karunga ki mera profit form sorry ek hai ki profit from chair and BK high profit from table set at number of manager cell karna hai why number of tables Diya Mera objective function ho jaega third point mein kya hai ki in linear programming problem the objective function may be in the form of maximizing profit and minimising costs to after expressing the objective function as a linear function of the decision variables we must find the type of Optimisation for example maximization identify the type of objective function

third point Mujhe Keval aur Keval uska find karna hai ki jo Mera objective function hai usko Mujhe mat Samajh Kar Raha Hai yah minimise karna hai to chuki hai mera profit ki mein baat kar raha hun to profit ko maximum nahin karna ho to mujhe Jo Bhi Mera objective function usko chat se represent Karte Hain To Z equal to kya ho jaega X + b y abhi hifigame Mera Z kya mixer Mujhe find karna isko yah Mera objective function ho jaega Mujhe Yahan per uska nasha abhi Pata Lag Gaya ki mujhe iski maximum value find karna hai third point kya hai ki identify the constant stated in terms of decision variables and Express them as linear inequation are equation as the case may be third point Mujhe Keval constant find karni hai constant ki condition nikaali Hai Jo Bhi Meri condition suppose a number of share hai to add key value greater than equal to zero Hogi Kyunki kabhi bhi chairs kabhi bhi negative Nahin ho sakta same as

why Hoga bhai bhi mundan equal to zero Hoga Kyunki yah Tumhen 20 table purchase Karunga yah to Ek bhi nahin Karunga support mere pass third condition Di Hui Hai like and X + Y less than equal to de diya per main Iske variable Thodi Si define kar deta hun and hai mere pass cost of chair and MBA cost of tables and D Hai total amount Jab Jab Jo Mujhe invest Kar Raha Hai Tu mere paas Jo total Sky Maut ho jaega chairs ka jitni main check kar purchase ki

Jitna Mera Table per chij karna tune ka total Jo Mara tha Uske Jo value Hogi vah to yah to equal to Hogi ya usse kam Hogi vah totally Maloom Se Tu Ja Mere constant Ho Jaenge abhi ki syster mein Apna decision find Karunga Kamlesh video mein problem Dekhenge ki kist Kaise uski maximum yah minimum value find karte