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Match the figures with their h...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : a.ii b. iii c.i

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this question is given that match the figures with their of symmetry ok 3 figures are given to us a b and c we have and a line of symmetry is also given and we have to match with their corresponding symmetries ok first figure here it is a square given ok a square is given here and the Civil line of symmetry also given I am writing this this is the line of symmetry ok if I will divide The Square from the middle I will get a rectangle ok a rectangle like this it is given path S ok so clearly if I will divide this if I will divide this hair line of symmetry is this this is the line of symmetry it will give me a figure which is like this ok a rectangle square option A8 will match with s ok little message s

no look at this figure S hair line of symmetry it is given it is divided from the middle so if I will just draw line of symmetry that I've drawn a Sohail clearly visible that this figure will be divided into two remaining part will be like a quadrilateral like this ok I am highlighting the shape it will be like this ok so out of the options here it is clearly visible that option 3 is the matching one ok so we will write that we figured it is matching with third ok no only one option is left so let's do for this option also if I will again draw a line of symmetry that is given in the question this is a line of symmetry Koi this question so this semicircle will be divided into two equal halves at the cemetery part will be like this ok I am highlighting the body it will be like this ok this will be the remaining part so out of these three option when it is matching with the answer

so here we will write that option see it is matching will first figure ok Sohail 3 figures were given and their corresponding line of symmetry is were given we have to find the corresponding symmetric half of that figures ok so these are the answer here thank you


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