log_(4) 18 is



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Updated On: 21-4-2021

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a rational numberan irrational numbera prime numbernone of these

Answer :
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Let ` log_(4) 18 = p//q," where "p,q in I`<br> ` rArr log_(4) 9+log_(4) 2 = p/q` <br> ` rArr 1/2 xx 2 log _(2) 3 + 1/2 = p/q` <br> `rArr log_(2) 3 = p/q - 1/2 = m/n(say)` <br> where m, n` in I and n ne 0` <br> ` rArr 3 = (2) ^(m//n)` <br> ` or 3^(n) = 2^(m) ` (possible when m=n = 0 which is not true) <br> Hence, ` log_(4) 18` is an irrational number.



00:00 - 00:59hello English question where to find look for low waist for 18 is a rational number and irrational number is prime number or not we suggest write log base 18 messaging that log base protein is equal to log base for 18 week and I didn't 9 into 2 is equal to P upon q and we know that log m into n is equal to low M + n log base for 9 + log base for 2 is equal to PF and Vinod that log x to power A Y is equal to 1 upon a log basic y slog
01:00 - 01:59football 2 and 3 2222 and 2 is equal to P upon q and a 1 upon 2 log base 2 3 4 2 + 1 upon 2 log 2 base 2 and 2 is equal to Arvind that log I am 2 power n is equal to N log M then 2 into 1 by 2 log base 2 3 plus one by two base and then one and when you will be cancelled out so log 23 is equal to P upon Q - 1 by 2
02:00 - 02:59Sunita Jhumka that nets assume gym belt C upon cube minus 1 by 2 is equal to P upon v v where which is not equal to zero is not equal to zero log base 2 3 is equal to earphone three equal to power telephone v Indian writers 32 power bi is equal to 2 to power T and it will be equal
03:00 - 03:59if V is equal to zero and t is equal to zero and it is not possible and it is not Toshiba hen log 14 clock for lokesvara 3 is an irrational number national number thank you

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