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Class 10






Pair Of Linear Equation In Two Variables


Lines have only one solution...

Lines have only one solution

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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is video mein Ham padhenge lines only one solution to ab question likhate Hamari general equation 2 line hai to do line ho jayegi 11 X + 1 Y + 7 = 0 and 2x + B2 bi plus Si 2 is equal to zero lines Likh Di Humne Ab Hamare pass given question kya hai only one solution please Ke Liye Mein condition nikaalni Hai 21 solution Kiska graphical matlab Kya Hoga Ki lines intersect kar rahi hai to Ek Do line intersects two Unka slope equal Nahin Hai Yahan per cm2 to M2 line X + b + C is equal to zero is the slope from letters to equal to minus A bi vi tab kar Ham donon line ka shlok likhe Ham M1 Likhenge Yahi question 1 Hamari

Yahi question 2 payment main likhunga even by Vivian -17 bi vi 12 vi me to sab Hamare kis Hai is not equal to M2 - of A1 and B1 is not equal to minus 2 upon V2 - simple equation 2 x 2 to mere pass aaega hi one by one is not equal to 2 by b tu kya message bhi likh sakta hun A1 B2 - A2 B1 is not equal to zero and condition likhate condition for line having only one solution a unique solution Sab hone ke example lete lines having unique solution ka is equal to

2 Y is equal to to violate the and to saline lete 3 X + 4 Y is equal to 12 CM term condition check solution nikaalte substitute kar de question se equation 1 and equation to equation once a question to substitute kar de 3 X + X ko sabse 3 time to FAX Likhenge 2x Mein a Jaega To Y to Y + 4 Dil to 12 Physics Vayu Jaega + 4 Y is equal to 12 2 Y is equal to 1.2 years ago and we were key value Ham pahle question may substitute kar denge is equation Samay per a Jayegi 2.4 unique value

given by B2B values compare karni thi B1 B2 Agaram even likhe Koi line ko sabse pahle Express bhi wapasi ke format Mein likhna padega Ham likhate x minus 2 Y is equal to zero in 3 X + 4 Y - 12 is equal to zero even ho jaega 1 V1 ho jaega -28 ho jaega 3 and B2 Ho Jayega 42 A one by one by two ho jaega 1 by 3 JB 152 B1 B2 likhane bhi 1 by 2 minus 2 by 4 is equal to minus 1 by 2 is not equal to 1 by V2 please case Mein paise unique solution ex ki and why ki ek unique value I Aisi line

graphical representation kya hota hai graphical representation intersecting lines Hoti Hai two intersecting at one point graphical representation Ho Gaya Humne condition nikaliye AVN by 2 is not equal to B1 B2 ek hi chij bacche Hain isko consistent and inconsistent batana Kyunki solution a raha hai donon lines ka ek solution Hai se consistent Hoga is a pair of linear equation ine ka ek solution hai ki aapas mein consistent Hai 10th pair of linear equation


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