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lim_(xrarr oo) (logx^n-[x])/([...

`lim_(xrarr oo) (logx^n-[x])/([x])` where `n in N and [.]` denotes the greatest integer function, is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

1-10 none of these

Answer : B
Solution : We have ,<br> ` lim_(xto oo) (logx^n-[x])/([x])` <br> ` =lim_(xto oo) (n log x-[x])/([x])` <br> ` =n lim_(xto oo) (logx) /([x]) -1 =nxx0-1=1 ["See Ex".11]`


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hello student if x is equals to x cube + x square + a x + b is monotonically decreasing in largest possible interval days then the value of a is ok and which of the following this is a cubic equation and graph of cubic will be this Pradesh cubic is decreasing from this point to this point also ok this to this point I am from this point to this point but it is saying from - 22 - 2 by 3 this is largest interval for largest interval is this highest point to decide

lines by X is equals to minus 2 and this will be X is equals to minus 2 upon 3 ok from here we can say with curvature at both point zero because this is next manth this is going to differentiate this will get if x is equals to 3 X square + 8 x + K know if -2 will be closed 20 - 23 12 - 8 - 16 let se

is equal to zero and from where will get a is equal to 4 OK han did you can see minus 4 is the largest value then the value of a is ok I am going to minus 2 by 3 minus 2 by this 493449 will come 4 upon 3 minus 3 upon 3 and X is a with three and avoid this with 340 easy Calculation and this will be close to zero from here to get three a table with three ok so this equation will get 4 - 16 - 12 - 12

upon 3 equals to zero the value of a is equal to 4 both condition record value ok to open one is correct thank you friend