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hello student question is limit X tends to zero time to act upon 2 minus A square root 4 - 31 please solve this problem what I'm going to do I am going to write sin2x as it is ok and in the monitor 2 - 4 - 1 X 2 + square root 4 minus 1 upon 2 + square root 1 - X this is limit X tends to zero ok now denominated is a minus b + b square minus b square
ktu S4 - square root of 4 - x square of 9 - this calculation will become X I can write myself sin2x upon check-in to 2 + square root 1 - X and this is limit X tends to zero ok I am going to multiply divide this week to this will become one how formula limit X tends to zero time egg upon X is equals to 1 and this you can see the concept in this formula is this both should be obtained
expression where this is 2 eggs and this is to both same expression and address limit both should 10th 2020 X tends to zero then this value is not this limit will become 12 into 1 into X tends to zero for these two plus square root for which is to this is port into 28 it is our answer thank you students

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