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Class 11






Permutations And Combinations


lf r, s, t are prime numbers a...

lf `r, s, t` are prime numbers and `p, q` are the positive integers such that their LCM of `p,q` is `r^2 t^4 s^2,` then the numbers of ordered pair of `(p, q)` is (A) `252` (B) `254` (C) `225` (D) `224`

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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the question is if we are prime numbers and pqr positive integers such that their LCM of P and Q is R flirty truth to power 4 into a square numbers of ordered pair of we have we have four of them we have to find out of a given the LCM for at least one of p and q are kept in the prime factorization for we can write at least one and q&a in Prime we can write

Vinod now we have now we have to take place one in which we have to take kis contain are power bi 2013 has power ke with case 2012 can Ride It will be close to you give it a case to give access to them

Kyon contain content are square then power ke 2018 can say that in case you have number of ways to take third third p and q p and q contents are in 10 or when we can say that number of a call to pnq contains both are

exponent of Army officer we have two plus one that will be cos 25 a similarly it maybe we have 9 + 4 + 1 = 29 well and we can say exponent of exponent of maybe we have 2 + 2 + 1 that will be close to also 5 when you finally

total number total number of ways we have 5 into 9 into 5 that is 5 into 9 into 5 so we can write 5 into 9 into 5 so that will be close to 220 this will be our final answer so we can write it as we can write it has a number of ordered pair pair q125 now question then we can say our options will be correct thank you


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