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Let `z=1+ai` be a complex number, `a > 0`,such that `z^3` is a real number. Then the sum `1+z+z^2+...+ z^11` is equal to:

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Answer :
Solution :
It is given that z=1+ai is such that `z^(3)` is real `rArr 3a-a^(3)=0 rArr a=sqrt(3)` `[therefore a lt 0]` <br> `therefore z=1+ai rArr z=1+isqrt(3)=2(cospi/3+isinpi/3) = 2e^(ipi//3)` <br> `rArr z^(12)=2^(12)e^(i4pi)=2^(12)` <br> `therefore 1+z+z^(2)+.....+z^(11)=(1-z^(12))/(1-z)=(1-2^(12))/(1-(1+isqrt(3)))=-4095/-(isqrt(3))` <br> `=-1365 sqrt(3)i`


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