Let z be a complex number satisfying |z+16|=4|z+1|. Then


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question is let that be a complex number 35 Mod Z + 16 = 24 w z + 1 then we have to find the value of w z square solution that the more Z value we have to make it a square so I get Z into bar set according to this rule I am taking the Mod Z + 16 = 24 into more Z + 1 is wearing both sides I get squaring now I can write it Z plus 16 into bar Z + c square of forest 16 year opening modes that + 10 Oz + 1 into bar Z plus one now multiplying the bracket
Z + Z plus 16 Z plus 256 equal to 16 out of the bracket and multiplying the Z plus one and that was that + 1 Oz into bar set + Z plus and + 1 now solving the equation I can write it read into bar Z + 16 + again 16 Z plus 256 equal to multiplying the 16 16 into + EZ + 16 + 16 so we can clearly see years that this
will be cancelled out so I get this is not what this is only 16 set so I can write its 16z Anderson cancel out now I get the value and also I get the value 115 z z into Z bar equals to 256 and 16 because read.gz Y and Z Z Z bar will be 15 was so I can write for the 256 into 16 it means I get said in to Z bar equals to 25052 / 15 when I will divide this I get 16 now according
to the question we have to find the value of bar Z Square but I can say given 16 so what will be root 16 will be for this is the solution of the given question in this question we find the value of thank you

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