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Let x = 2sintheta - sin2theta ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A

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hello everyone so let's start with the question and the question says that let X is equals to 2 sin theta minus sin 2 theta Y is equals to 2 cos theta minus Cos 2 theta find me to buy Badi x 2 X is equals to 5 and the options are ai825 by 8 and 7 by 8 so let's start with the solution is given to us as 2 sin theta minus sin 2 theta ok if we calculate DX by the Sita week at differentiation of sin theta cos theta into cos theta minus again 2 cos theta ok now Y is equals to given as 2 cos theta minus Cos 2 theta noisy again differentiate

Y with respect to the tabhi kya hai differentiation of cos theta is minus sin theta minus 2 sin theta minus again there will be a minus 2 Sin 2 theta minus 9 School become + CEO + 2 Sin 2 theta to know if you want to calculate the y b so DY by DX can be calculated by dividing by the Sita upon DX by DP term is minus 2 sin theta + 2 Sin 2 theta upon DX idp ties to cos theta - 2 cos 2 theta ok sunao DY by DX comes out to be nice if it take to common and can

the numerator and denominator if we are left with sin 2 theta minus sin theta upon cos theta minus Cos 2 theta ok now we're going to play the formula for sin C minor signed in the numerator and Cos C minus caused in the denominator so DY by DX is equals to sin C minus sin D is 2 Sin A minus B by 2 minus theta by 2 into cos C + D by 2 + theta by 2 and Cos C minus cos B is given by 2 Sin A minus b minus sin 2 theta minus theta by 2 minus 3 by 2 into

Sin A + B by 2 cos theta + sin theta by 2 Subah see that the student to is cancer and this value and face value are cancel so we're left with DY by DX is equal to cos 3 theta by ok no we have to calculate d2y by DX to select calculate that should be to bye bye dx2 we're going to differentiate this with respect to X differentiation of cot x minus cosec Square x minus cosec square theta by 2 and we are going to differentiate this theta by 2 so we get 3 by 2 into the sitabai delete the colours calculate

Deepika Badi ok so here if we calculate the expedition theta is equals to 5 we get to time cos 5 - 1 - 2 X cost to cost one only so -1 we get -4 now we have to calculate the sitabai DJ soda seater by DX will be equal to minus 1 by ok so we calculated the value of D sitabai DS college substitute so we get here to minus Cos 3 theta by 2 will be full minus 1 into paper 2 into minus 1 by this is equal to 3 by 8 8 is a final

Sony TV option in the option option A B is correct answer I hope you get it

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