Let `vecr, veca, vecb` and `vecc` be four non-zero vectors such that `vecr.veca=0, |vecrxxvecb|=|vecr||vecb|,|vecrxxvecc|=|vecr||vecc|` then <br> `[(veca, vecb, vecc)]=`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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|a||b||c|`-|a||b||c|`0none of these

Answer :
Solution :
`vecr.veca = 0, |vecr xx vecb| = |vecr||vecb| and |vecr xx vecc|` <br> `|vecr||vecc|` <br> ` [ veca vecb vecc] =0`


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vector cross b vector b is equal to MOD of armod B OK then we can say that sign 9990 is equal to 1 then definitely vector R into vector b into sin 90 degree because 1 crore b is equal to vector into vector b into sin theta the value of the foetus 90 degree and sin 90 is equal to one that means we can say that vector R is perpendicular to the vector B ok let's assume this is a condition number to family in this question also given that vector cross b vector is equal to more of our model of

P ok into one the value of 1 is equal to vector R factor into sin 90 degree that means that are is better R is the perpendicular to the vector equation 123 we can say that vector R is the perpendicular to all of the vector a vector b vector C then we can say that vector b vector a and vector B are coplanar vector is the coplanar then what factor of the a b is equal to jio this is the right answer of this question and when we see the option of this question then option is the right answer of question

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