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Class 12






Scaler And Vector Products Of Two Vectors


Let veca , vecb,vecc be three...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

` sqrt6`14` sqrt14`none of these

Answer : C
Solution : we have, <br> ` veca bot ( vecb + vecc), vecb bot ( vecc + veca) and vecc bot ( veca + vecb) ` <br> ` Rightarrow veca.vecb + veca.vecc =0, vecb.veca =0, vecc.veca + vecc.vecb =0` <br> ` Rightarrow veca.vecb = vecb.vecc= vecc.veca =0` <br> ` |veca + vecb + vecc|^(2) = |veca|^(2) + 2 (veca.vecb + vecb.vecc + vecc. veca)` <br> ` Rightarrow |veca + vecb + vecc|^(2) = 1+ 4+9 =14` <br> ` Rightarrow |veca + vecb+ vecc| = sqrt 14`


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this question is given that let ABC be three vectors as that is perpendicular to sum of b + b vector is perpendicular to CBSE wait and signal is perpendicular to a + b vector is my database given 1824 20 given to and foresee it is given 3 then we need to find the magnitude of a + b + c ok so that start with everything that is given it is given that vector is perpendicular to b + c vector ok so what does it represent that we know that If two vectors are perpendicular then their daughter is always equal 0.58 of this combination a dot b + c will be equal to zero so from where I can tell you that a b vector + Asia 88888888 is equal to zero I can say that ok similarly it is also given that b is perpendicular to C plus a vector ok so so

Delhi hair also I do B.Sc plus a better will be outside Kuchh 20 as we know that perpendicular If two vectors of a daughter is always zero Sabhi dots plus B.Ed will be given Mein zero ok no similarly it is also given a look at this one that she is perpendicular to a + b c is perpendicular to a + b vector ok so it means c-dot a + b vector product of these two will be zero will be yours = 20 now I am having three equations let me helados ok what to and this 3 ok and it is given that we need to find the value of this a + b + c ok manual of a + b + c so that's why did the magnitude of vector A + vector b

sweater see we need to find the value of k if we consider that X is equals to a + b + c v ok if x is equal to a + b + c what so ever squareboat the sets xy will be equal to hear a + b + c a + b + c all letters ok support vector symbol so it will be equal to let simplify this site will be a multiplier with a it will be magnitude of a square similarly a dot b ok and ke now multiply with be it will be plus magnitude of b square and I will write a place B.Sc VAT no perform multiplication with see it will be seen that a b + c dot be wet and bless many Duro

c square and this was wise value of x square to look air it is given that a dot b and c will be zero so let me highlight those Valley which will be 08833 this will be zero ok really B.Sc B.Ed will be zero B.Ed B.Ed and here we will be also equal to zero so all the highlighted values will be zero so what I write a x square it will be come out equal to minus A square + 9 attitude of B square + many Deuda c square ok so put the values n900 of A B and C it is given here main YouTube is 1 20 to and C3 so one square feet is one two squares and square that is required is 9 ok so from here x square is what x square is a + b + c by nude with whole square it is

9 + 1 is 10 + 19 + was 40 so but I need to find the value of a + b + c vector magnitude so it will be equal to root under of 14 ok so its values during the 14 so let's matches with option se route 14 this option see this is that answer all the four options thank you


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