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Class 12






Scalar And Vector Products Of Three Vectors


Let veca, vecb, vecc be any th...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

collinearnon-coplanar coplanarnone of these

Answer : C
Solution : We have `vecu+vecv+vecw=vec0` <br> Hence the given vectors are coplanar.

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hello friend hear the question is let a vector b vector vector B and C vector a and vector b vector is equals to cos theta is equals to action check one of the fact that we vector now we take a rest to act as a dot product this Kannada actor actor now of actors navigate me vector is equals to Fear Factor and us to actors now here - a vector and b vector receiver now we're getting a w is equal to w f

is equals to minus year Nagin serial actor dot equals to get your ad here distractor and refractory cancel or because your a vector a vector and b vector a vector R commutative so here then we say that your b vector is equals to practice practice it is in plus it is it is in minus we cancel out and similarly this will also cancel out and this will also cancelled and here we get zero so here we see that the fact that this is a ko planners this is the option that is the answer thank you

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