Let veca and vecb are two vectors inclined at an angle of 60^(@) , If |veca|=|vecb|=2 ,the the angle between veca and veca + vecb is



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Updated On: 24-5-2021

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` 30^(@)` `60^(@)` `45^(@)` none of these

Answer :
Solution :
we have, <br> ` |veca|=|vecb| =2 and veca. Vecb =|veca||vecb|cos 60^(@) =2` <br> Now, <br> ` |veca +vecb|^(2) =|veca|^(2) +|vecb|^(2) +2 (veca .vecb)` <br> ` Rightarrow |veca +vecb|^(2) = 4 +4+4` <br> ` Rightarrow |veca +vecb| = 2sqrt3` <br> Let ` theta ` the angle between ` veca and veca + vecb`1 . then . <br> `cos theta=(veca.(veca+vecb))/(|veca||veca+vecb|)=(veca.veca+veca.vecb)/(|veca||veca +vecb|)= (4+2)/(2xx2sqrt3)=sqrt3/2` <br> `Rightarrow theta = 30^(@)`



00:00 - 00:59today's question we're giving two vectors A and B per internet and angle 60° if magnitude of a vector is equals to magnitude of vector is equals to 2 then you have to find the angle between a wireless Deepak it's getting to the solution it is given that magnitude of a vector is equals to 2 and magnitude of Bieber is equals to to try to find out the magnitude of a word that Bieber ok we can write this has magnitude of a wire into magnitude of Bieber into cos theta magnitude of paper is nothing but magnitude of fever is nothing but 2 cos theta cos 60 degrees with nothing but one by two so will get a bird that we bus 12 ok next to find magnitude of a worthless be per ok it can be written as magnitude of a square + magnitude of beaver square + 2 into Ibadat Bieber ok
01:00 - 01:59magnitude of a square is nothing but four similarly for b b square is 4 + 2 into a word that we were is to get fall so magnitude of a vector + b vector is equals to root for quick Android root always Root over 4 into 3 so 2 root 3 ok now let se theta is the angle between Abba enablers Bieber OK then cos theta is given by a bar dot product of a burlesque Bieber / magnitude of a bar into magnitude of a bar + Bieber ok explain this one will get a word that a + a word that to Bieber / magnitude of a into magnitude of a vector +
02:00 - 02:59Bieber ok everdata becomes magnitude of a square which is nothing but before we know that they were that Bieber is to magnitude of a wire is to magnitude of a plus b minus 2 root 32 36 by 43 which is equals to 3 by 2 root 3 then write this as root 3 divided by 2 cos theta is equals to root 3 divided by 2 then it becomes 30 degrees so this is the angle between the vectors ever and ever loves Bieber thanks for watching the video I can be found this video

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