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Vector Algebra


Let vec a= hat j- hat k and ...

Let ` vec a= hat j- hat k` and ` vec c= hat i- hat j- hat k` . Then vector ` vec b` satisfying ` vec axx vec b+ vec c= vec0` and ` vec adot vec b=3` is (1) `2 vec i- vec j+2 vec k` (2) ` hat i- hat j-2 hat k` (3) ` hat i+j-2 hat k` (4) `- hat i+ hat j-2 hat k`


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discretion is from vectors in this case there are two vectors one is a vector is equal to ICAP - 2 J cap vector is equal to ICAP - 2 J cap - breakup and underwater vehicle which satisfy the equation a vector cross b vector + b vector is equal to zero and a vector and b vector is equal to 3 so let's power factor is equal to Jivan hai kya Rashmi 2 J cap b 2 J cap and b3k cap this is true then it is given that we vector.me after is equal to 3 what is there today TV actor actor actor

dot doctor is equal to ICAP - 2 J cap dot Vivian I care list m a cap + 3 k cap Ek kholunga I ka Coefficient hi 20 Jaega 2 - B3 ke Ritik ki Kuldevi Kuldevi 30

cross director plus actor recall 20 it means a vector cross b vector minus actor ke equal a cross b vector is equal to minus and perpendicular Aur vah Bhi equal to zero from here bf.gf

equal to hamesha perpendicular vector data hai ine donon se jo perpendicular to perpendicular ho gai + 2 J cap plus busy cricket score download kaise karna hai main ICAP - 2 J cap - GK is equal to zero agar aisa Karenge To Kya Hoga use aaega B1 B1 - B2 - B3 is equal to zero

effect is equal to 3 + 2 is equal to two ICAP + 3 J cap B3 ecap agar aisa hai To Agar ab BC kya kya value yah to be tricky value place to Hai yah bich ki volume -2 Hai be equal to plus two

options from a place to Jata Hai 5:00 ho jaega + 5G cap + 2 k cap minus ICAP + 2 J cap - 2 ke 12 ke aaspaas Ki Hai To minus ICAP - 2 J cap - 2 J cap - 2 k cap option

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