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Class 11






Complex Numbers And Quadratic Equations


Let the altitudes from the ver...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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our students equation is given that the altitude from the vertex A B and C of a triangle ABC with its circumcircle at D E F G and H 2 and 3.3 respectively and one and then the triangle ABC is a triangle the triangles this is a this is b and this is so these are the core area of the triangle and rectangle anything that Z1 Z2 z3 represent the phone DDF Pandas DF h what did the deer are from the vertex ab and ok now you can take

that this is your from this phone to ok song this phone to days from is coming to ok now this 3.8 song d e f desi Rai this is this d e a forward Z1 Z2 z3 this is this is Z2 this is just it is given that argument of Z1 and Z2 are what manto j3 - Z1

divided by 2 minus or Z1 are the new if the arguments are real means estimation that this is your coronavirus system ok with this system if any phone just imagine that if any phones Z and this is this is if any one side lying on the x-axis or the real life real forms angle between them will be either 0 or lying on the reality from here that if you want to find out that value addition this one is given ok and from this

coming to this is why did you manager / has given so from here you can see that moment of 3 - 1 / Z2 -1 is given to us fix this is what these are there because this this is making a circumcircle will be what the it will be bisector of an angle and Devil by bisect each other at 90 degree and it is saying that this is what this is your teeth are ok this is because if

any two points on the circles are making on another phones a n e l so definitely they will make angle at the centre ok so this is what this is a quadrilateral so these all in the way to watch to 90 degree + 90 degree + 28 + just imagine this is your angle ki film equal to how much 25 right here 5 + 2 Y + 4 equal to 25 ok now I can write it from here that they will be equal to how much 5 - we can find out this will be watch 5 minus a minus b equal to how much we are getting this

English equal to what 5 - 2 and from here we can conclude that this is equal to 10 now this 5 - of 20 aur described by the software will be close to from here we can conclude that he will be equal to how much from here we will be close to this is not possible because this is WhatsApp not a single aur angle machine so we are getting that this if any better than this is called this question will be right angle triangle

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