Let S_1, S_2, be squares such that for each ngeq1, the length of a side of S_n equals the length of a diagonal of S_(n+1)dot If the length of a side of S_1i s10c m , then for which of the following value of n is the area of S_n less than 1 sq. cm? a. 5 b. 7 c. 9 d. 10



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Updated On: 6-5-2021

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We have, length of a side of <br> `S_(n)` =length of deagonal of `S_(n+1)` <br> `implies` Length of a side of `S_(n)=(sqrt2)( " length of a side of " S_(n+1))` <br> ` implies (" Length of a side of " S_(n+1))/(" Length of a side of " S_(n))=(1)/(sqrt2), "for all "nge 1` <br> ` implies " Side of " S_(1),S_(2),S_(3),"....." " from a GP with common ratio "(1)/(sqrt2) " and first term " 10`. ` therefore " Side of " S_(n)=10((1)/(sqrt2))^(n-1)=(10)/((n-1)/(2))` <br> ` implies " Area of " S_(n)=("side")^(2)=(100)/(2^(n-1))` <br> Now, given area of `S_(n)lt1` <br> ` implies (100)/(2^(n-1))lt1 implies 2^(n-1)gt100gt2^(6)` <br> ` implies 2^(n-1)gt2^(6) implies n-1gt6` <br> ` therefore ngt7 " or " n ge 8`.



00:00 - 00:59let S1 S2 b square + that for each and greater than or equal to 1 the length of the site as then the length of the diagonal S10 plus one if the length of a side is one is 10 centimetre then for which of the following values of N the area of S10 is less than one square centimetre 85 option 20 7 auction series 9 days so in this problem here we need to find out for which values of an area of Rajasthan is less than one year will let us take the given length of a side equal length of a diagonal is 10 plus one length of square is equal to length of length of diagonal
01:00 - 01:59S10 plus one but we already know that length of side is square root of 2 X length of the Batman V simplify this and length of diagonal of diagonal n + 1 / length of course that side so we get one by square root of 2 now hear the squares formed are S1 S2 S3 till Infinity so here these are when you look at the squares these are in GP in
02:00 - 02:59geometric progression the length of diagonal is 10 + 10 take care and as 12 S10 will be S1 and n + 1 LBS to is to buy and if you take to hear this will become length of side is S2 and length of the diagonal is two plus one that is servis2 so we can take the common ratio as GP common ratio R is equal to S2 - 13 to 17 goes on given that side of a square length of side of square is given in the question so it's side of the square is one is 10 cm what will be the side of a square is N and will be a
03:00 - 03:59aa 2 the path and length of that is 8 and -1 where is 10 centimetre that is S1 into our is your the common ratio that we can consider as one by one square root of 2 to the power n -1 still be given as this is less than one less than 1 to 10 in 21 by square root of 2 to the power so we can write this has won by square root of 2 to the power n -1 is less than 1 wearing we get after clearing 100 into
04:00 - 04:59the power to is less than 1 is equal 200 into the square and square root will cancel we get 1 by 2 to the power n -1 + latest consider the values for an is given here are the values for and hear that is and is equal to 5 first will consider then n is equal to 7 and literacy for which values of the value holster for consider for and is equal to that implies hundred into 10 to the power 5 minus 1 is less than one so we get 100 INR to 1 by 2 to the power 4 200 / 2416 it is not less than one so for n is equal to 5 it will not poll
05:00 - 05:59result will not let us consider the value for anything equal to 701 price 200/6 less than one that is hundred to the power 6 is 64 if you calculate it is less than one but it is does not hold here because hundred 564 is more than one cent is equal to 7 the result will not hold on let us consider the value for n is equal to 9 this we will get hundred divided by 2 3 4 9 - 1 lesson 14 cricket 100 / 28 less than 10 to the power 8 256 256 is less than one
06:00 - 06:59so this will hold because hundred my 256 is lesson 12 for n is equal to 9 the result hold so therefore the value of n is the area is 10 less than one square centimetre is the answer is C9 and if it holds for 9 years old for 10 also and is equal to 10 so they put c and d are the correct answers

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