Let (S) denotes the number of ordered pairs (x,y) satisfying `(1)/(x)+(1)/(y)=(1)/(n),x,y,n in N`. <br> Q. `sum_(r=1)^(10)S(r)` equals

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Answer :
Solution :
`because1^(2)toS(1)=1,2^(2)toS(2)=3,3^(2)toS(3)=3`, <br> `4^(2) to 2^(4)to S(4)=5,5^(2)toS(5)=3,S(6)=9` <br> `S(7)=3,S(8)=7,S(9)=5 and S(10)=9` [from above] <br> `therefore underset(r=1)overset(10(sum)S(r)=S(1)+S(2)+S(3)+S(4)+S(5)+S(6)+S(7)+S(8)+S(9)+S(10)` <br> `=1+3+3+5+3+9+3+7+5+9=48`


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question is right now number of auditor at Vizag 1 divided by X + 1 divided by 12 15 and expire and belongs to maximum and submission are equal to 1 to 10 s r equal to be hard to find value of s r and R is from 1 to 10 Tokyo that is equal to 1 + 1 divided by Y is equal to 15 and it is given that sum of all these terms are 10 and 12 10 that is equal to 1 divided by X + 155 is equal to 15 and according to the condition is x and y are always greater than that so we can be taken

as it is equal to 10 + something related book a and Y is equal to turn the something that stand + b values of X and Y in this question that it is equal to 1 / 10 plus + 1 / 10 + b is equal to 15 and don't now solving this then it will be equal to 10 + 3 + 10 + 10 / 10 + a x + b is equal to 1 divided by 10 and share now cross multiply in this and it will be equal to 10 X 10 + 3 + 10 X

+ a that is equal to 10 + X + now sold and with it with equal 200 + 10 + 100 + tan a multiply 10 is hundred Tanvi tan A + tan B and if we can cancel out and hundred and also cancel out song Kiya ji Karda value of AB that is equal to hundred and can be written as a b is equal to 2 X Files here and here we have A and B

are is 1 MB is funded and it is true that he is 54 then the is 25 5 then be is 20 and then the east and if a is 20 then we is 525 then we is 4 and it is 50 then we is true and if a is hundred MB is 1 to 20 are there Tap a and calculate the number of product from here number of order pair of abe 123456789

12 10 + A and Y is equal to 10 + 3 now duty price order a pair of xy S10 is equal to 9

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