Let S be a non-empty set and P(s) be the power set of set S. Find the identity element for all union () as a binary operation on P(S).


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the question is that let as a non empty set and PSB the power set of set as find identity element for all Union as a binary operation on PS4 now we have to find the identity element for all Union and we have the binary operation we are the by Corporation that is union and to find identity element so we know that let the subject at let the subset that is a subset it is let is subset that a is a subset and now reunion let is a subject and he is also subject
so if we take Julian with me then we get a it will happens when it is equals to Pi if contains in non empty side then the union with with a is called a similarly if PH similarly power set S set S with Union with non empty set power set with an empty set give the power set so this is an identity element so how is 5 is an week and it is of 5 is an identity element
which is binary operation similar to which is Bani operation same when Union with five Anita operation

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