Let S be a non-empty set and P(s) be the power set of set S. Find the identity element for all union () as a binary operation on P(S).


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

We observe that
Aϕ=A=ϕA for every subset Aof setS.
ϕis the identity element for union(U)on P(S).


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question is let s be a non empty set and PS power set of a state of set then find the element for the as a binary operation on operation question mein kya Diya Hua Hai operation kya hai Hamen Kya poochha Hai Uska identity element nikal kya kya hoga Agar Hamara aur binary operation To Hai vah Union Hai To Dekho operation ka matlab kya hai ki agar Kisi bhi element ke upar Humne operation Lagaya ticket 2011 kya hota hai aur kya operation Hai is equal to East are equal to a ok Hamara element
jo usmein ki value Aati Hai vah Hamara identity element Hai hamare pass set Hai To Agar age Hai Ek Ladka Ek subject hai iska aur operation kya hai Union Chicken aur Hamara element ki property ke equal to is equal to a that means a union B equal to a ab dekho kaun sa is the element Hoga Jiska agar aap ek hi Sath Union Karoge To Hamen hi Milega Hamesha sediment Hota Hai vah which is also a subset of To Hamara is equal to style a is equal to

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