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Let R be a relation on the set...

Let R be a relation on the set N of natural numbers defined by n\ R\ m iff n divides mdot Then, R is (a) Reflexive and symmetric (b) Transitive and symmetric (c) Equivalence (d) Reflexive, transitive but not symmetric



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00:00 - 00:59question is let r be a relation on the set and of natural numbers Defined by and related to M if and only and divide then r is reflexive and symmetric transitive and symmetric equivalent reflexive transitive but not symmetry we have relation and related to M if and only if and divides M and n are natural numbers so if Angry Birds and then we can write it s m is equals to and into a table of two natural number now they will said that is reflexive or not we know that a relation R is reflected if a belongs to our for all belongs to the said let's suppose it is a
01:00 - 01:59now if you take n belongs to n is related to n because Angry Birds and as we can write and is equals to 1 into an and One belongs to natural number from here we can see that R is reflexive now we will check that the relation is symmetric or not so we know that a relation R in simatic if a b belongs to are then we also be willing to set now suppose a bi belongs to natural number
02:00 - 02:59a comma belongs to our that is age related to be implies a device be so we can write b is equals to a into some piva piva belongs to natural number now we cannot write a is equal to Din to some Kyon where Kyon belongs to natural number this implies b is not related to a this implies are is electric here we can see example that 24 belongs to our as to the words for but what does not divide 2 so 4 is not related
03:00 - 03:59to to now we will check the relation is transitive or not so for transitive we know that a relation R is transitive if is related to b and b is related to see in this implies a is also related to sea latest suppose A B and C belongs to natural number now if a is related to be implies B which implies b is equals to some into some people of natural number now be related to see which implies be divides see which implies C is equals to b into some where you belong to natural number
04:00 - 04:59now we can write C is equals to being too cute and b is equals to into p2p into 9 letters oppose tane to dhua we have C is equals to a into a p and q are natural number so far is also an actual number so we get AdWords see this implies is related to sea so I can stimulation we have option days current and we are done

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