Let R and S be two equivalence relations on a set A Then : A. RS is an equvalence relation on A B. RS is an equirvalenee relation on A C. RS is an equivalence relation on A D. None of these


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hello students about today's topic is sets and relations and the question is let rns be an equivalence relation on set a then the options are our Union S is an equivalence relation of lete aa intersection as an equivalence relation on set a r - is an equal chance relation of setae on none of these we are to chose from these four options right so late assume that equals to any set 1 2 3 4 and what is set in the question that are nsp2 equal insulation given rcom shares be Tu equivalence relation so we can assume that are equal to 11223344
233 comma 213 and 31 ricoma 1 and what else 12 no also took one so all these are possible we can take much more than them but it is also an equivalence relation write like a reflexive is fulfilled and if 23 and 32 year means it is symmetric and 23 and 13 and then took one is also means it is also transmit fans are is an equivalence relation and also we can let is equals to 11 which are just taking to any two equivalent relation Which are which is given in the question to comma 233 441221
344/3 and much more so this is also an equivalence relation so we can clearly see that all these all the spare values are satisfying that R and S are equivalent relation on set a right so if we take if we take our intersection b intersection S then what we will get only the common values right so what is there 11223344 what else 1121 only reason common 12 and 21 so what we can see here that what we can say that reflexive is through their symmetry is also true here
but the translated part like if 12 is in relation and to and any like to come over and so it is symmetric but there is no path for transitive so it is not a transitive element and hence it is since it is reflexive symmetric but not transitive and it is not equivalent not equivalent for our - similarly if we take our - then all these things got cleared and what is what we will left with is only like 23 Entry comedy to show all the reflexive part has gone right 2332 and else other part is also is there but the reflex apart is going therefore it is not equivalent not equivalent right and if we take our Union as our Union less than all the
elements all the elements in rns feature common and other than common are also included here so since these are the equivalence relations rns then our Union as it should also be an equivalence relation therefore the union is an equivalence relation since all the elements all the elements of R and S are included here no no one is left and citizen satisfies all the conditions of reflexive symmetric and transitive and Aryan anus is an equivalence relation right so our option is correct thank you

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